Neo Pop
Things from every day culture and objects from the media world encount us in the works of Munichthal as well as symbols from older culture ages.
Some pop-art-artists - for instance Allen Jones or Richard Hamilton - don‘t stop doing the naive surfaces but contextualize unusually with their artistic ressources trivial  goods from the consumer world into an alienated perspective. The things and goods becames throught the medium an object of reflexion, in some works an object of critic.

Munichthal goes on his path of reflexion and over it. And this leads us to the term „Pop art“ and „symbolism“.  The popular object often is there marginally, the subject is there as well, sometimes only integrated as small quotation in a bigger context.

The association „pop-art“ results partially  out of the choice of the subject but in a bigger part through Munichthals dealing with color, form and line.
And who thinks that this desire for all the grafic weavings is limited in the desire for ornament, in the pop design, is only looking on the surface and not looking to the connection from the motives and its resultating depth effect.

But there‘s not only the  term „pop-art“ in the work but also the term „symbolism“. And it is like a synthesis of the apparent incompatibility. Munichthals work is symbolic, is mystic.  
..You can discover different artistic decades;  a transition in the handling but there is still a constant.Munichthal appeals on Wilfred Rupprecht Bion and his concept of container and contained, the concept from the container and what fills it. Of course we see in this case sexual symbolic, with the experience of being dressed, devoted and penetrated.  

This is what happens when two lovers are getting together, being together as one.  And it repeats in different formal constructs, like a variation from an archetypical pattern. Munichthal himself refers in this connection to Platons book „Gastmahl“.

In this philosophic dialogue a man tells from the myth of love and friendship. And on the end of  the bond in the mythic prehistory  beings have been separated. Since then the both half-beings stray around searching the other half. Is the searching successfully, love happens, a recognitioning and refinding.In Munichthals work happens all the time a refinding: refinding of form.  Outstanding: the symbolic of the Doublehead.

The Doublehead represents the idea of merging of the separated. Furthermore Munichthal connects the Doublehead  in painting them as  receiving and segregating container. Munichthals outstanding work is unique, under a sgrafic surface with deep signs and symbols.  Under a superficial game hides a serious thinking that claims for individual authenticity.
Dr. Christian Schacherreiter